Thoughts on! #1 Retro graphics

‘Thoughts on!’ is a blog program I want to update every now and then. It will be my take on some interesting topics from gaming, programming and art. In the first ‘Thoughts on!’ I will be writing about retro graphics in games. Retro graphics in games for me – well for me they are kind [...]

‘Super Knight World’ coming soon!

Super Knight World will be coming soon! A retro jump and run adventure, charming and fun! For more updates please follow me on TWITTER head to INDIEDB for the devlog or check out the YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Thanks!

Design Update

We have a new design for the Homepage. I intended it to give you a direct start into the variety of games from coffeemuggames. When you open up the homepage you can quickly see all the games and select them for further information. The blog is now a subsite, not at the startup, you can [...]

New and Nice

              There we are: The new homepage is up. Better than ever before. Now uses wordpress, making content much more dynamic, linked and pictoresque. Enjoy!

Get ‘I, Mayor’ Version 3

After a couple of weeks of pause, ‘I, Mayor’ is back with a new version! Please note that a new version of Java was released. Make sure your Java is up to date (Java RE SE 7 Update 17 (1.7.0_17-b02)).   This version features mostly additions that improve the game experience in whole and of [...]